A Tale of the Possessed


In a decadent republic on the brink of revolution, immortal blood drinker Lisette has long ago learned the price of her selfish pursuit of pleasure.

Now, trapped in marriage to the stoic nobleman who saved her from the mob, she's vowed to use her powers only for good. By night, she stalks plague-ridden streets, armed with rapier and pistol, hunting the Possessed: the pleasure-crazed victims of Lisette's own kind.

But beneath her respectable façade, old hungers still burn, sated only by her husband's fading love… until the hunt pits her against their ancient enemy, a dark prince and lover who rekindles Lisette's forbidden thirst for power—and blood.

Betrayed by the only man who can save her, with the city erupting in flames and ultimate power within her grasp, Lisette must choose between dark past and uncertain future, shadows and light—and the two magnificent, tragically irreconcilable men who haunt her soul.

A 10,000 word dark historical fantasy/vampire novella.

Warning: this story is deeply romantic, but it isn't a romance.

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