Series FAQ - Shadowfae Chronicles

1. How many books are there?
Currently, there are four, plus a short prequel story. Here's the reading order:
0: HELLCURSED    (Jade short story)
1. SHADOWFAE    (Jade & Rajahni)
2. SHADOWGLASS    (Ice & Indigo)
3. POISON KISSED    (Mina & Joey)
4. BLOOD CURSED    (Ember & Diamond)

There's also CHERRY KISSES, a novella - free to my newsletter subscribers!

And - at last! - another novel, due in September 2013:

5. DEMON CHAINED (Jewel & Tam).

2. 'Urban fantasy/romance'? What does that mean?
It means they're romances, set in an urban fantasy world. The heroines are the main characters - a new heroine for each book - and the books have an urban fantasy feel to them. But the romance is still a big part of it.

3. So the books have HEAs, then?
Yes. Absolutely. Romance readers have nothing to fear. Except for CHERRY KISSES, which is an urban fantasy adventure tale, and HELLCURSED, the prequel to the series.

4. Do I have to read them in order?
No. Yes. Maybe... the series does have a background plot, and it'll mean more to you if you read in order. But the books are designed to stand alone as romances.

5. Your website describes the books as 'dark' and 'erotic'. How steamy are they?
Ahem. They're steamy. If you're unsure, I recommend you check out the free prequel. If you can handle that, it's all good.

6. Why are the covers for books 3 and 4 different to the first two?
That's because the publisher decided to give the series a new look. Don't they look awesome? The first two are in trade paperback (that's the bigger size) and 3 and 4 are in mass market paperback (that's the smaller size).

7. Okay, so the first two are coming out in mass market to match?
No. I can't promise that. I'm sorry that they won't match on your shelf - I know that's a bummer for a lot of readers. But the upside is that the smaller books are cheaper!

8. Can I get e-books of the series?
Yes! They're available from the Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Sony and iTunes stores if you live in the United States. Ebook editions of some of the books are also available internationally.

9. I've read them all and they're awesome. Just tell me Kane's getting his own book.
I get this question a lot... and the answer is maybe :) He's got a lot to learn about love. But there might be  a heroine for him lurking somewhere. You'll just have to wait and see...

10. What's that in the heroine's hand on the cover of BLOOD CURSED?
It's a shard of glass :) Diamond (the hero) is glassfae. Just don't ask where it comes from...

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