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Erica Hayes

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author

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A romantic sci-fi thriller

Captain Kiera Bo is a valiant resistance fighter, but years of interstellar war have hardened her heart. To win, she must be as inhuman as her enemy: the all-conquering cyborg Dominion. When she’s captured by a Dominion battleship, at the mercy of Thaarn, its ruthless half-metal warlord, she expects only torture and death.

But Thaarn—destroyer of worlds, slayer of countless thousands—is no longer the mechanical Dominion killer he once was. With his cyberwire implants failing, he’s regaining his lost humanity—and he’s driven to atone for the slaughter he’s wrought.

When Thaarn offers an unthinkable alliance, Kiera sneers at his ‘guilt’ for trickery. The Dominion feel no pain, no remorse, no emotion other than rage. But with mutiny brewing among Thaarn’s murderous crew—and the fate of an entire resistance colony in her hands—Kiera must face the truth about her own dark crimes, and choose: die with her humanity intact, or win as a monster…

A 20,000 word novella

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About Erica

Erica Hayes was a law student, an air force officer, an editorial assistant and a musician, before finally landing her dream job: fantasy and romance writer.

She writes dark paranormal romance, urban fantasy and space opera, and her books feature tough, smart heroines and colourful heroes with dark secrets.

She hails from Australia, where she drifts from city to city, leaving a trail of chaos behind her. Currently, she’s terrorizing the wilds of the Northern Territory.

Erica also writes steampunk murder mysteries under a pseudonym.

You can join Erica in her meanderings on Twitter or Facebook, or check out her author page on Goodreads.

Erica is represented by the Stringer Literary Agency.